Kashmiri carpets are renowned throughout the world mainly for two reasons, one being that they are handmade and second that they areknotted not tufted. Carpet weaving in Kashmir was not originally indigenous but is thought to have come in way by Persia. Till today, the most designs are distinctly Persians with local variations. One example, however, of a typically Kashmiri design is tree of life.
The colors-way of a carpet, and its details differentiate it from any other carpet. And while on the subject of the color, it should be kept in the mind that although the colors of the Kashmiri carpet are more subtle and muted than elsewhere in the country, only chemical dyes are used. A carpet may well be the most expensive purchase from your trip to Kashmir but it is a lifelong investment. The knotting of the carpet is the most important aspect, determining its durability and value, in addition to its designs. Basically, the more knots per square inch, the greater its value and durability. Count the number of knots on the reverse of the carpet in any one square inch, and it will be roughly the same as the dealer tells you give or take 10 knots. If you are told that a carpet contains 360 knots, and your count indicates about 10 less, it simply means that the weft has not been evenly combed down in parts- this is not a fault, and several random checks throughout the carpet will even go above the figure of the dealer’s estimate. Also, there are single and double knotted carpets. You can quite easily identify one from the other from the reverse of the carpet.
The effect it has on the pile too is important-a double knotted carpet has a pile that bends when you brush it one way with your hand, and stands upright when it is brushed in another direction. A single knotted carpet is fluffier and is more resistant to the touch, there, is no right and wrong side to brush it.

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