The rural women in Jammu wear silver anklets, the chaunkphool(a
unique metallic cap or crown), bangles and the taviz(talisman) at weddings and villages fairs. Pure silver or silver alloys are used in the villages.
The Balti peasant woman, near Drass and Kargil, wears heavy and elaborate silver earrings. Beyond Kargil, where the influence is Central Asian, turquoises, large and tiny pearls, coral, agate and cornelia dominate. Goldsmiths make fine filigree charm
boxes and amulets while the women themselves string stones together to make simple necklaces. Jewellery is made in the bye-lanes perpendicular to the main
bazaar in Leh. Much of the jewellery sold here is Tibetan or Kashmiri and passed
off as Ladakhi.

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