PapierMachie began with the art of paper making and writing in the 15th century during the reign of BadshahZain-ul-Abideen in Kashmir. The craft originated in Persia and was highly favored by the Mughal Emperors of the 15th and 16th centuries. This unique art involves the use of paper pulp for creating beautiful articrafts exquisitely painted by expert craftsmen deriving colors from vegetable mineral dyes. The final product is beautiful artwork that is actually the collective handiwork of many talented hands. The strong aesthetic sensibilities and heightened creative talent are inherent in the craftsmen of this region. Papier Mache art today, has become highly stylized and appealing with the use of the real gold and silver paint and intricate decorations. The motifs of this art are usually in the form of flowers and birds, with a strong Persian flavor. The art now also manifests itself on cloth, stone, wood, metal and wide range of utility and décor items.
Kari-i-Kalamandani(the original local name of the craft) was heavily patronized by
the Mughals. Mughal kings often commissioned entire communities of craftsmen to
make gifts as well as decorative panels and other items for palaces.
A wide range of items for everyday use includes writing tables sets, dressing
tableware, bangles, lamp stands, cups, bowls, vases, boxes, wall-plaues, panels,
screens, cabinets, Christmas decorations, mirror-holders and frames.

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07 March 2019
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