The traditional potter of Ladakh earns a living by making the various mud bowls,jugs, tea kettles and braziers required in the peasant’s home. The local barley beer,chhang, is stored in the zoma, a wide vessel, narrowing at the neck and openingagain into a wide mouth. Likir village near Leh is a good place to see work in progress. Utilitarian earthenware is still in demand for domestic use, particularly in rural areas. Low priced and colourful clay containers are used to store water, set curds and cook vegetable and meat. The Kashmir potter also makes symbolic objects linked with the Shivratri festival, clay-containers for the kangri bowls and chillums containingsmouldering embers for the hukka. In Srinagar the most durable and popular glazed pottery is manufactured at Rainawari. Commonly known as Dalgate pottery, these vessels are coated with a deep brown or green glaze produced with glass powder. Rural pottery found in Charar-e-Sharif is painted red and blue and is occasionally decorated with white and green flowers. Mud-pots for storing water and cooking continue to be widely used in every village home. Aristocratic urban homes in Jammu use large earthen storage jars called math. Lightly decorated and fired at high temperatures, these vessels last almost a life-time and are used for storing wheat, rice, sugar and pulses.

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07 March 2019
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