In the last half-century, several glacial lakes have developed in the Hindukush-Himalayas and the Tibetan Himalayas. The water in the lakes was accumulated from the melting of snow and ice cover and by blockage of the end moraines of glaciers. Most of these lakes are located in the down valleys close to the glaciers.
Altogether 76 glacial lakes are identified mainly in the Upper Kashmir area, among which 40 are major lakes having greater than 2 ha surface area. Lakes may also accumulate along the glacier margins, between the lateral moraine and the valley side,
Glaciers and Glacial Lakes in Azad Jammu and Kashmir
which are termed as Lateral moraine-dammed lakes. Some of the renown lakes are Chittakatha (71.3 ha and 1.2 km long) and Dharian (103.7 ha and 1.7km long). The former drains in Shonthar Nala while the later into Doarian Nala that joins Neelum River from the westward. Most of the glacial lakes have natural drainage system i.e. water flows out in the form of streams.
Commonly known lakes of Kashmir
  • Banjosa District Rawalakot
  • Ratti Gali, Chitta Katha, Shounter, Kishan Ganga lake Kel, Machuk lake phullawai Gurez. Neelum Valley.
  • Mangla Lake, Mirpur
  • Zalzal lake, Hattian Chakar


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