Water is the source of life on this planet. If you look at the earth’s surface and finds that 70 percent of it is water, it may be hard to grasp that many parts of the world are suffering from a lack of this seemingly abundant resource. Of all the water present on earth 97.5% of it is not fit to drink.
Only 2.5% of water is drinkable, with one third frozen in the form of glaciers and polar ice. The water left for human use is roughly 1% of the total water present.
 A spring is a concentrated discharge of ground water appearing at the ground surface as a current of flowing water. Springs are formed where the ground surface intersects the water supply. Springs occur in many forms and have been classified as to cause, rock structure, discharge, temperature and variability. Spring water is one of the important sources of fresh water in Kashmir used for the survival of life. However, due to anthropogenic activities the water bodies are under constant threat and the need of the time is for their effective management.

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07 March 2019
07 March 2019
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