Kashmir is also known for some of its significant waterfalls along with ice covered peaks, Rocky Mountains, superb glaciers and delightful gardens. These waterfalls and their locations are the ideal places to use time in peace and privacy. They are just like divine abodes where anyone can revitalize himself. The waterfalls of Jammu and Kashmir present the quiet and restful atmosphere away from the daily dull life routines.

Tarrani waterfall Rawalakot, Gharatapaar waterfall Tararkhel, Baitaran Tangigala road waterfalls Sudhnuti, Numb Gorah twin waterfalls Sudhnuti, Haillan waterfall Havelil, Noori Chamb waterfall Haveli, Gulpur waterfall Kotli, Noseri waterfall Neelum, Kundal Shahi waterfall Neelum, are some of the waterfalls worth visiting. The beauty of the places, spectacular sceneries with pleasing backdrops has the capability to hypnotize any tourists.

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07 March 2019
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